4 Most Important Facebook ad Beginner Mistakes

Here we present 4 of the most important beginners’ mistakes while creating a Facebook Ad. avoiding these mistakes can help you get better responses from your campaigns.

1. Ensure that you understand the sales funnel and know your KPIs

For starting the Facebook ad you need to understand the funnel. I mean it’s a process where you start marketing a fairly large audience and then narrow it down further to get the best match of people to who you can then market and share your ads. A user who is really interested in your product or services may have made some interactions with your ad like clicking the ad and showing up on your page or simply using the Call to Action button. Customers who make engagements with your ads are more likely to become a customer.

Top of the Funnel: The is all about generating traffic; your aim is to help them become more and aware of your company, brand, and services.
Middle of the Funnel: The purpose of the second stage is lead generation, which entails using tools to gather contact information so that you may continue to grow the connection.
Bottom of the Funnel: In the third stage, you’re nurturing consumers – by this point they’ve expressed real interest in what you’re selling, and therefore the aim is to guide them towards making a purchase.

If you understand your KPIs (Key Performing Indicators) it will greatly help in determining the potential leads or customers.

2. Understand your target customer inside out and use this to create campaigns.

Before you can begin a campaign, you must consider the persona of your target clients. To do so, consider yourself as a consumer of your product or service and think like a consumer to better understand the customer’s needs. You may also get feedback from your consumers on what they enjoy about a certain product or service. what advantages they are more prepared to accept What are the main advantages of your products or services?

Understanding these persona questions may help assist in the creation of stunning advertisements that truly fulfill the demands of the customer. And can contribute to the success of a campaign.

3. Design the theme around a campaign. The viewers could feel the difference in presentation. It should look like a package.

Visuals are vital aspects of any advertising effort. The image or video that we share with our visitors constitutes the majority of our ad campaign. So make the most of it in order to achieve the best-performing campaigns. Don’t just use any design for your advertisement. Choose a design and template that best represents your brand and that you enjoy seeing it represented in that way.

4. Not using the A/B Testing feature Facebook offers

One of the best options for Facebook Marketing is A/B testing. your ad is composed of various portions like your Image or Video, ad description, CTA Call to Action. The best way to check your ad is to run A/B test.

Simply create a Facebook ad and make a copy of it. Now only change the element you want to test for e.g. you want to check if the Image of your Ad is doing good. just keep all the aspects of your ad the same and only change the image. Now you have two Ads running together. Everything in both the Ads are similar only the image is changed. If you run both ads for e.g. for one week and then check the stats you will know which Ad Image is performing better. You can close the Ad which is not performing well and continue with the ad which is giving you a better ROI (Return on your Investment.

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