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Think of your website as your sales representative on the internet—a hard-working frontliner who interacts with potential customers 24/7. Does it look good? And more importantly, is it easy to use?

Coding Bee Pakistan™ web design team can make sure that your website not only reflects your brand’s identity but also maximizes conversions. We are experts at creating intuitive websites that improve user experience and prompt more people to click the ‘buy’ button.


By combining good design with intuitive functionality and the latest online marketing trends, Coding Bee Pakistan™ creates websites that not only look great but also help grow your business. Our web design & development process is proactive. We take time to understand your industry, your target market, and even your competition to make sure that all design elements work toward achieving your marketing goals.


Did you know that almost 50% of your customers are using smartphones or tablets when they access your website? If your current design does not load properly on smaller mobile screens, then you are making it very difficult for your customers to navigate your menus and find what they need. You are driving them out the door and straight to your competitor—and you are literally losing half of your market.

Coding Bee Pakistan™ provides responsive web design services. We ensure that your website remains effective no matter what device is used to view it.


The usability of your website is a function of the platform upon which its design is built. Coding Bee Pakistan™ uses the most optimum structure to ensure maximum performance and quick load times. We will also design your website to be easy to update so that you don’t waste time when posting new content, fixing errors, or optimizing for search engines.


Did you know that people feel more confident transacting with a visually appealing website? This is because visual design has a huge effect on a visitor’s emotional response to your brand. If your website is below average in terms of aesthetics, visitors will perceive your products and services to be substandard—and you lose credibility along with sales. Investing in professional web design is critical if you want to succeed online.

Coding Bee Pakistan™ can build you a visually compelling website that immediately establishes the quality of your business. You can trust us to deliver a design that truly reflects your brand and while visually communicating your main selling points.


Here at Coding Bee Pakistan™, we know that building your website around your customers’ point of view will encourage higher conversions. This is why we anticipate their needs and expectations—and then deliver design solutions that make it easy for them to see the content they need, whether that’s your contact information, prices, or product specifications. Our goal is to improve your website’s user experience for maximum sales.

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Web Development Plans


8 pages

5 email addresses

Google Analytics Integration

Social Media Sharing Option

Hosting 1 Year

Domain 1 Year


10-15 pages

10 email addresses

Google Analytics Integration

Social Media Sharing Option

Hosting 2 Year

Domain 2 Year


15-20 pages

20 email addresses

Google Analytics Integration

Social Media Sharing Option

Hosting 3 Year

Domain 3 Year